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Spending the last 16 years working for EDS (Electronic Data Systems) and more recently HP (Hewlett Packard) providing customers with solutions that met business needs for them we now do the same for smaller scale customers from the traditional types of clients that don’t fit the large outsource model. We are able to help with everything from the development of an application to hosting a web site and of course discussing with you how technology might fit into your business.

We don’t host or sell hardware or software of our own which makes us unique allowing us to be independent in our proposed solution. You can be sure that our recommendations are not biased and based only on your best interest.

How can we help you: It starts by discussing what issues you face today and what you would like to achieve. We’ll suggest some ideas and work together to decide what we should pursue. We work on a quote to determine viability and then using project management, deliver the new service.

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